Hubei Petrochemical Equipment Co


    • Hubei Taihe Petrochemical Equipment Co. Ltd is a high-technology enterprise which professionally manufactures petrochemical equipment and provides flow control, industrial process technical consultation and solutions.
    • Products mainly include series of control valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves, safety valves, vacuum valves, temperature-reducing and pressure-relief valves, especially the efficient control valves, dual-oriented high differential pressure regulating valves, erosion-resistant ceramic half balls, cryogenic ball valves and metal hard sealing three-eccentric center butterfly valves that can perform excellently under critical conditions, as well as various cryogenic ball valves, cryogenic butterfly valves, cryogenic control valves, gate valves and check valves applied to the LNG projects, which are available for configurations based on customers’ needs for different drive modes and materials.
Products Qulaity

1. compact structure, reasonable design, good rigidity, smooth channel, small flow coefficient
2. stainless steel and hard-alloy sealing face, long service life
3. flexible graphite packing, reliable sealing, light and flexible
4, manual operation, pneumatic or motor-drive, gear-drive
5. single flexible wedge gate and rigid double flexible wedge gates structure

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