Chairman Message

Welcome to Alyasmine Aldawlia website. I’m pleased that you’ve taken the time to visit and I’m confident that the information presented here will leave you with a positive impression of our company and the broad range of services and products we offer and the markets we serve.

In a time marked by rapidly changing technology, I am enthusiastic about the opportunities available for us to address the emerging requirements of our customers.

Among the many ways we ensure satisfaction is through our commitment to a diverse workforce. Our business practices are based on respect, ethics and responsibility. One example of this commitment is our Multicultural Markets initiative.

The overall goals of this initiative are to build trust, strengthen relationships, increase Alyasmine’s strong brand recognition, and continue to diversify the company’s workforce.

In order to be better prepared to serve our customers, Alyasmine is investing in its employees, internal processes, tools, and business systems. We are strengthening our existing core competencies as well as investing in the development of new capabilities to meet increasing requirements. Alyasmine strives to be recognized as an employer of choice and has established programs designed to attract and retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Our people are our greatest asset.
At Alyasmine , we have a clear vision for the future and understand how to manage the changes necessary to reach it.
This site includes a “Contact Us” feature so that you can easily reach us. We welcome your comments and we’d be pleased to respond to your requests for more information about Al Yasmine Al Dawlia and how we can help you succeed.
Come back and visit us again. We’ll be keeping the site updated so that you can monitor our progress…

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