Oman Cement Company


  • Three Kilns and Four Cement grinding mills allow flexibility to produce various types of cement.
  • The total current production capacity of Oman Cement Company is 2.4 million MTs Cement. Year
  • Cement Storage: The Plant is equipped with seven multi flow silos with a total cement storage capacity of 35,000 MTs. The Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC) are stored in these silos. For storing Oil Well Cement a special steel silo of 1500 MTs is available.
Types of Cement
    • Sulphate Resistant Cement :

      Conforming to ASTM C-150 TYPE V. This cement is used where high resistent to sulphate attack is required. This cement produces low heat of hydration when mixed with water.

    • Ordinary Portland Cement :

      Conforming to Omani Standard OS:7 and EN 197 -1, ASTM 150C – Type I. This is a standard cement most commonly used when the special properties specified for any other type are not required. The uses are for general purpose.

    • Moderate Sulphate Resistant Cement:

      Conforming to ASTM 150 C-Type II

    • Oil Well Cement:

      Oil Well Cement Class ‘G’ (HSR) and Class ‘A’ Conforming To API Spec. 10 A

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