Arabian Environmental Construction AEC


Installation Services

Preserving our environment does not tolerate weak links, which would lead to disastrous outcomes. The material quality must be supported by reliable installation skills and experience in cutting edge testing technology. AEC have trained a team of hand-picked experts, whose talents and experience allows us to offer services of unsurpassable quality at each step along the way.

We weld and test our seams using the most advanced equipment in the industry. The results invariably show that the seams are of consistent quality and comply with technical specifications.

The reputation we have gained over the years encouraged many of the world major Geosynthetic manufacturer to appoint AEC as their approved and certified installers for the Middle-East market.

Each of our site crew members have successfully completed a minimum of 1 million SQM of installation experience thus reassuring our customers that no matter what the project is whether a landfill site, storage pad, holding tank or water reservoir, they can count on AEC highest-quality installation in the industry.

In addition to AEC continuous strive for excellence, exhaustive quality control testing procedures, AEC also offers the state-of-the-art high voltage electrical testing device used to survey the full area of installed Geomembrane to detect any leak or damage thus enhancing the integrity of the containment system.

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