Dow Corning


Specialized in manufacturing high performance Lubricants for machines components installed in Oil & Gas Sector, refineries, petrochemical, power sector:

    • Thread Pastes / Metal Forming Paste (Molykote Products)
    • Mineral Oil Greases / Semi – Synthetic Greases
    • Oils / Dispersions
    • Dry Film Lubricant
    • Solvents
    • Down Fluorosilicone
    • Gear Oils / Air Compressor Oils / Hydraulic Oils / Chain Oils
    • Corrosion Protection Oils
    • Molykote® 111 Silicone Compound
    • Downhole wireline probe – used to seal and lubricate in the presence of water and corrosive attack. (Schlumberger & Gearhart)
    • Valve lubrication on mud logging analysis equipment (Core Labs Ltd.)
    • Fire equipment water valves. (Woodweir Fire Protection)
    • Diving equipment as water resisting lubricant.
    • Oil refinery valves & instruments bearings. (British Petroleum)
    • Valve Lubricant (Shell, British Gas)
    • Lubricate swivel bearings (Scott Lithgow)
    • Dow Corning® 732/733 – Acetoxy, general sealing, gasketing and bonding
    • Dow Corning® 734 – Oil resistant sealant for gear box sealing
    • Dow Corning® 736 – High Temperature Sealant
    • Dow Corning® 738 – For Electrial/Electronic contact & terminals sealing
    • Dow Corning® 7091 & Silastic ® 1080 – Neutral Cure Sealant for sealing, gasketing and bonding
    • Silicone Conformal Coating – Protection of sensitive electronic circuit boards
    • Molykote® G Rapid + – Anti-galling medium for down hole tools and drill collars. Assembly aid for pump, compressors and valve refurbishment.
    • Molykote® 1000 Thread Paste – Extensively used on a wide variety of components as an anti-seize thread paste
    • Molykote® Cu 7439 – Used as an underwater shackle lubricant. Water resistant anti-seize for threaded connections
      • Molykote® 321R – Refinery centrifuging bolts. Dry lubrication of scientific equipment. Anti-galling coating on wire line probes and downhole tools threaded end connections. Anti-galling on valve stems
      • Molykote® 3402C – Down hole tools as anti-galling coating. Jack screws on off-shore oil rigs from salt water corrosion.
      • Molykote® 3400A – Anti-galling corrosion resistant coating on ball valves
      • Molykote® 106 Bonded Lubricant – Approved by ACF WKM Valves and Gray Tool on valve stems and Christmas tree fittings

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