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Engineering and Construction team has expanded rapidly in recent months, and can now offer a multi-disciplined approach, together with a wide range of domestic and international experience, to many types of engineering and construction projects.
Our team, which comprises engineers, planners, construction managers, accountants and quantity surveyors, is experienced in advising on large scale international construction disputes and can assist at different stages of the dispute, quantifying the loss for both time and money.

 Part of our Activities & Services:

    • Internal Girt Weld Protection Sleeves for Cement and Mortar Lined Pipe,
    • Expanding Sleeves for Welding Pipe Line Tie-Ins and to Repair Pipe Sections
    • Stainless Steel Sleeve for prevention of Stress Corrosion Cracking
    • 2D, 3D and 4D Land, Shallow Water OBC (Ocean Bottom Cable)
    • TZ (Transition Zone) Seismic Data Acquisition and Advanced Data Processing and Interpretation Services.
    • Design & Fabricate top quality Steam Generators
    • Engineering Services of ASME Section I Boiler Design,
    • ASME Section VIII Division I Pressure Vessel Design, API 12-F, 260, 620 & 653 Design,
    • Process Equipment – Oil Separation & Dehydration – Gas Conditioning & Treatment – Water Treatment

    • Specialty chemicals, materials, services, and technologies for almost every facet of the oil and gas industry:
        • Downhole to topside enhanced oil recovery
        • Gas treating
        • CO2 capture

    • Cement for various applications:
        • Sulphate Resistant Cement
        • Ordinary Portland Cement
        • Moderate Sulphate Resistant Cement 
        • Oil Well Cement

    • Innovative technology with a reliable solution for the measurement of moisture and dew point in gases and liquids based on aluminum oxide sensor technology using Extractive Sampling System, Cost effective solutions for demanding and mission critical moisture monitoring applications, Digital dewpoint transmitters to continually monitor air dryer performance, compressed air quality and dry gas moisture, from ambient dewpoint levels to as low as -100ºC (-148ºF), Portable dewpoint meter for quick and accurate dewpoint measurements, Loop Powered HYBRID Dewpoint Transmitter for both gas and liquid phase measurements, and Loop Powered Dewpoint Transmitter.
    • Onshore drilling services for oil, gas and geothermal water, well-testing and workover, transport and maintenance for drilling equipments.
    • Process systems to the Oil and Gas industry with turnkey capabilities in design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. From internals to complete process plants and topsides; oil systems, gas systems, produced water treatment systems, seawater treatment and injection systems; customized separation solutions both large and small for offshore and onshore projects.
    • Solutions provider in Process Analytics, Environment and Emission Monitoring, Flow and Terminal Automation, Process Instrumentation, Steam Engineering, and Utility Management Systems catering to various industries like Oil & Gas, Power, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Cement, Steel, Fertilizer, etc.

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