Cements are used in industrial installations to manufacture/formulate hydraulic binders for building and construction work, such as ready-mixed concrete, mortars, renders, grouts, plasters as well as precast concrete.

Common cements and cement containing mixtures (hydraulic binders) are used industrially, by professionals as well as by consumers in building and construction work, indoor and outdoor. The identified uses of cements and cement containing mixtures cover the dry products and the products in a wet suspension (paste)

According to the type of cement Dyckerhoff Well Cements are available in the following packing:


  • Pickup and dispatch in silo trucks up to the customer (DDU*) or FOB* seaport
  • Mainly for deliveries within Central Europe

1.5 t Big Bags:

  • Preferred packing for overseas exports
  • Consisting of an outer woven carrier bag of polypropylene (PP) and a watertight inner foil of polyethylene (PE) for actual protection of the product against moisture and air.
  • Resistant to UV radiation* and providing a tensile strength of 5:1 minimum according to ISO 10426-1/API Spec 10A, Section 12

We use robust i.e. transport- and field-proven big bags having one single lifting loop as an integral part of the carrier bag. A single lifting loop makes handling easier, quicker and much safer than for instance using four lifting loops.

The Dyckerhoff Big Bag is a joint development with our suppliers based on decades of experience with world-wide exports of well cements even to regions with difficult climatic conditions. Due to increased UV-stability and special reinforcement this Big Bag is well known as “Dyckerhoff Desert Big Bag”.

* The carrier bags, lifting loops and sewing yarns used for the Dyckerhoff Big Bag are UV stabilized and tested according to the latest applicable standards. However, we highly recommend to always store the big bags covered e.g. under a roof or under a canvas or plastic cover.

Dyckerhoff MIKRODUR Packaging

Dyckerhoff MIKRODUR is available in – 25 kg bags (3 layer paper bags with PE-coating) – 1 mt jumbo bags – Silo truck .

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